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Trulife Sure Step Fixed Position Ankle Brace

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Trulife Sure Step Fixed Position Orthosis Information

Trulife Step is a fixed stirrup orthosis that allows post injury immobilization and return to function in a single brace.

This easy to use stirrup brace is attached to an orthotic arch support, providing the ultimate support.

  • Lightweight and simple to fit
  • Provides visible improvement in patient's gait
  • Lower profile than MAFO braces
  • Ideal for foot drop
  • Available only in Black
  • White has been discontinued by manufacturer


This lightweight AFO provides support for drop foot or similar complaints for which support of dorsiflexion is desirable.


  • Prevent "foot slap"
  • Prevent foot drop
  • Improve ambulation
  • Prevent falling
  • Stabilize gait


Model No. Left Model No. Right Size Men’s Shoe Size Women’s Shoe Size
A38200 A38201 X-Small 2-4 US 4-7 US
A38202 A38203 Small 5-7 US 8-9 US
A38204 A38205 Medium 8-10 US 10-12 US
A38206 A38207 Large 11-13 US 13-15 US
A38208 A38209 X-Large 14-15 US N/A

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

just what I needed with this foot dropsy on my left foot. Thank you.

Thank you for your review. We are please to hear it is just what you needed.
Great Brace for Foot Drop with loss of Ankle Support

Better than the brace custom made for me with Dr.'s Rx. Only one problem. Lower screws come out with use and movement. For me I need the ridgid support. Top has rivit, bottom has screw. Make both with rivit and its perfection. Doesn't hurt the arthritis in the foot, open back and good support for the drop foot as well. Bottom screws came out of mine, but I am ordering another in hopes they last longer without coming out and being lost. Also provides the ankle support as the ankle will roll under as part of the drop foot and can cause a fall as I have already experienced when not wearing the brace.

Thank you so much for your great feedback! I will provide your ideas to the brace manufacturer. We always appreciate your input.
Brace for drop foot.

The first brace my husband was given lasted less than a year, $700 paid by insurance. A new one was not covered till 3 years. We found this one online and it works even better and lasts longer. Best deal ever!!

That is great to hear! Thanks for your feedback!
OK, but I can't wear it.

the brace does what it advertises to do, but the left side of the brace presses hard against a protruding bone and even with the rubber padding it becomes so painful that I must remove the brace or stop walking. I had to sit down and remove it in the grocery store... not cool. I 'm going to fashion some kind of additional pad to put right above the bone it presses on and hope that it fixes the problem, otherwise this brace will find a home on the upper shelf of my closet. I had high hopes, but cannot trade one kind of pain for another.

Michael, we are sorry to hear the brace is not working out for you. Please contact our customer service number (855)414-1313. We would be happy to assist you in getting the brace fitted properly or finding you an alternative that gives you the support you need, without additional discomfort.