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Trulife Embrace Ultimate Support Maternity Belt

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Trulife Embrace Ultimate Support Maternity Belt

The Trulife Embrace Ultimate Maternity Support provides expectant mothers with effective support to reduce low back pain with everyday activity.

The product features a splint panel design in the front to adapt as you continue to...grow. It fits great and can be used underneath or right over your existing clothes. Wear it at home or while exercising. It reduces pressure on your bladder and lessons the possibility of having pre-term contractions.

Unlike other typical models readily available, the Trulife Embrace Ultimate Maternity Support can be ordered with an optional heat moldable plastic insert (related product) that adds even more support for your lumbar area. Simply submerse the insert in hot water and slide it into the rear pocket to mold to the contours of your low back. 

  • Helps relieve lower back pain for expecting moms
  • Provides compression and stabilization to your abdomen, while improving pelvic region circulation
  • Contoured front panel is designed to accommodate an expanding abdomen
  • Optional back panel accessory can be used for added support, and is moldable
  • Lessens the possibility of pre-term contractions
  • Can reduce pressure on the bladder
  • Decreases the formation of varicose veins and swelling
  • Can be worn during exercise


Trulife Embrace Ultimate Maternity Support transfers the weight of the extended abdomen from the front to the back of the spine and over the pelvis, the lordosis is held in its natural curve to help prevent strain.


  • Increase support
  • Relieve back pain
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease abdominal pain symptoms
  • Improve mobility
  • Improve pregnancy period

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