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ProCare Universal Thumb-O-Prene Splint

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ProCare Universal Thumb-O-Prene Splint

The ProCare Thumb-O-Prene Splint is a neoprene splint with a combined thumb abduction insert and palmar stay.

By supporting the thumb in abduction from the palmar surface, functional positioning and arrest of the thumb motion is obtained.

  • Neoprene splint provides warmth and compression
  • Combined thumb abduction insert and palmer stay for increased wrist and thumb support
  • Contact closure
  • Ideal for mild treatment of deQuervain's and providing support to the wrist, hand and thumb, while keeping the thumb in an abducted position
  • NEW XL available (Please call)


The ProCare Thumb-O-Prene Splint is effective for deQuervain's syndrome and wrist support.


  • Thumb guard
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms associated with thumb fracture/injury
  • Improve thumb joint function
  • Ease of use