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ProCare 3-Panel Knee Splint

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Procare 3-Panel Knee Splint

The ProCare 3 Panel Knee Splint provides a universal size, 3-piece design for correct fit and easy adjustment. It's available in standard nylon/fiber laminate or with cotton-terry liner and removable stays. Fits 32" maximum thigh circumference.

  • Universal size, 3-piece design for correct fit and easy adjustment
  • Available in cotton-terry liner and removable stays
  • Fits 32" maximum thigh circumference
  • Available in six (6) lengths


Ideal for post-operative immobilization of the knee joint; grade 1 and grade 2 collateral ligament sprains; patellar subluxations.


  • Knee immobilization
  • Stabilize trauma or surgery
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease knee pain symptoms