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Ossur Rebound Foot Up Drop Foot Brace

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Ossur Rebound Foot-Up is a lightweight ankle/foot orthosis (AFO) that offers dynamic support for drop-foot or related disorders that require dorsiflexion support. The Rebound Foot-Up supports the ankle dorsiflexion during the swing phase. Dynamic support is provided by an elastic strap connected to the shoe by either a clear plastic inlay placed between shoelaces, or by a nut and bolt fastened through the eyelets. The positioning of the fastening allows for individualizing the support by providing the option of positioning the dorsiflexion support on the medial or lateral side. When using the plastic inlay, the dorsiflexion support becomes neutral.

The elastic strap is adjustable and easily replaceable.

The Rebound Foot-Up Ankle Cuff has a smart clamp that holds the cuff in place and facilitates one-handed placement and removal.

Optional Rebound Foot-Up Foot Wrap can be used when barefoot or in open shoes or sandals. The adjustable elastic strap is attached to the Foot Wrap using a nut and bolt fastened through the eyelets. 

The Rebound Foot-Up Ankle Cuff and Rebound Foot-Up Foot Wraps are made from breathable material that can be worn comfortably for long periods of time.

The Rebound Foot-Up is hand-washable.

Product highlight

  • Dynamic and discreet support for drop-foot or related disorders that require dorsiflexion support.
  • Improved function, ease of use, comfort, and quality.
  • Allows for voluntary plantarflexion.
  • Positioned medial or lateral support.
  • Contoured to the shape of leg.
  • Adjustable strap length.
  • Smart clamp facilitates one-handed donning / doffing.
  • Optional Rebound Foot-Up® Foot Wrap can be used without shoes or in open shoes or sandals.


  • The product is not intended for use by patients with spasticity.
  • Users with sensitive skin or those at risk of skin ulcerations and infections, such as in the case of diabetes or peripheral vascular disease, are advised to consult with their practitioner before use of this product.
  • Product Includes:
    Ankle Cuff
    Shoe Inlay
    Nut and Bolt
    Elastic Strap

Rebound Foot-Up Foot Wrap is NOT Included

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Not satisfied

I didn’t receive the product shown in the order description. I’ve returned the item!

Diane thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with your purchase. Some braces do come with accessories that need to be purchased separately. If you want to contact our customer service department, we will gladly assist you in getting the product you need.