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Mueller Pro Level Hinged Knee Brace DELUXE

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Mueller PRO-LEVEL Hinged Knee Brace Deluxe

The Mueller PRO-LEVEL Hinged Knee Brace Deluxe is designed for the serious athlete, this high performance brace is ideal for weak or injured knees needing maximum medial/lateral support without restricting mobility. The patented triaxial hinge properly tracks the knee joint and produces near-normal joint motion of the knee, allowing you to uninhibitedly perform at your peak. offers.

Brace includes lock out option for complete immobilization and adjustable extension stops for limited range of motion if used as a rehab brace. Mueller is one of the only companies that utilize a triaxial hinge, for optimal center axis motion.

  • Mueller's patented TRIAXIAL HINGES on both sides of knee
  • Maximum protection and medial lateral support
  • Rugged "extra-stitching" seams
  • Adjustable patellar buttress creates pressure where you want it, helps control subluxating patella's
  • Adjustable straps above & below knee and tibial pad under lower front strap for support & comfort
  • WRAPAROUND DESIGN for easy on /easy off
  • Open popliteal for coolness and comfort eliminates bunching behind knee
  • Mueller PRO-LEVEL Hinged Knee Brace Deluxe comes in a long 16" sleeve with 3/16" nylon-two-sides neoprene for compression and durability


Mueller PRO-LEVEL Hinged Knee Brace Deluxe is indicated for Medial Collateral instability, lateral collateral instability, mild ACL instability, patellar femoral control.


  • Increase knee stability
  • Knee stabilization
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Improve joint function
  • Control joint motion

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