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MedSpec Tee Pee Thumb Protector


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MedSpec Tee Pee Thumb Protector

MedSpec Tee Pee Thumb Protector is an excellent choice for thumb sprains and CMC arthritis.

  • Triple stays: encompasses the thumb to provide a secure environment following injury
  • Malleable stays: main, dorsal and palmar stays can all be adjusted to customize for each patient
  • Perforated suede: improves evaporative ability
  • Polypropylene felt: wicks moisture away from skin
  • Velstretch strap: properly secures base of product while allowing ulnar and radial deviation
  • Fits left or right: reduces inventory needs
  • US manufacturing: higher quality control standards


  • MedSpec Tee Pee Thumb Protector is indicated for thumb protection and immobilization
  • Instability of the thumb
  • Focal protection at of the thumb


  • Maximum support
  • Prevent thumb instability
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Improve thumb function
  • Maintain flexibility


To Size - Measure down the length of the thumb starting at the IP (middle) joint to the wrist

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