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Medi USA Rhizomed Soft Thumb Splint

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Medi USA Rhizomed Soft Thumb Spica Information

Splint for immobilization of the thumb.

  • Effective stabilization of the metacarpal phalangeal and carpometacarpal joint of the thumb
  • Integrated stabilization provides reliable immobilization
  • Two adjustable thumb straps to fit all hand shapes, providing increased stability
  • The splint's semi-open shape adapts to various degrees of swelling of the thumb
  • The thumb-index pinch grip and prehension grasp are maintained
  • Large opening for ease of application and removal, with as little pain as possible
  • Easy to wear, breathable fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Available in black


  • Carpometacarpal arthritis
  • Ligament injury (e.g., skier's thumb)
  • Inflammation of the thumb joint



  • Increase hand/thumb activity
  • Provide thumb stabilization
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease thumb pain symptoms
  • Reduce thumb joint swelling