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Medi USA Lumbamed Facet Back Brace

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Medi USA Lumbamed Facet Back Brace Information

SportsBraces is pleased to introduce one of the most supportive and comfortable braces on the market.

  • Targeted relief of the facet joints through effective reduction of lordosis
  • Precise regulation of intra-abdominal pressure by means of the double 3-point strap system
  • Holds the pelvis in an upright position
  • Stabilizes the lumbar spine area and the lumbosacral transition
  • Available in silver


Facet joint osteoarthritis ™ intervertebral disc protrusion, prolapse ™ severe lumbar pain / ischialgia ™ lumbago ™ lumbago with iliosacral joint involvement ™ chronic pain in the lumbosacral area ™ spondylosis without slipping of vertebrae ™ spondylolisthesis ™ muscular imbalance ™ segmental instability ™ lumbar vertebral canal stenosis
  • Increase compression
  • Reinforce lumbar region
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Promote good posture
  • Improve quality of life