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LP X-Tremus 3-D Knee Brace


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LP X-Tremus Knee Brace Information

3-Dimension knitting mode combined with 3-Density knitting levels creates fantastic M.S.D

The LP X-Tremus knee support is a multi-feature support with stays to provide superior protection compared with standard elastic knee braces.

  • Y pattern Magic Power Band preserves energy consumption when knee joint flexed
  • Enhances sport explosion when it extends
  • Bi-Lateral spiral stays enhance knee support from shifting stress, thus prevent sprain or
         strain injuries
  • Double C pattern stable contoured structure beside knee cap enhances joint stability
  • Donut shaped silicone pad combined with close circle high-density knitted fabric improve
         patella stability
  • J-shape silicone pad around heel cord serves gently massages to reduce ankle pain and swelling
  • Loosely knitted fabric over popliteal fossa ensures comfort without restricting motion
  • Durable fitting base with high permeability fabric ensures wearing durability and breathability
  • Color: Black


The LP X-Tremus Knee Brace is indicated for collateral ligament sprains, patellar tilting, and delayed onset muscle soreness


  • Stabilize knee
  • Control knee joint edema
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease knee pain symptoms
  • Improve knee joint function
  • Improve endurance

Support Level

This brace is rated Level II

LP X-Tremus Knee Brace

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