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Zamst JK-2 Jumper's Knee Brace

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Zamst JK-2 Jumper's Knee Information

JK-2 is most advanced product to protect players from patellar tendon injuries. The dual-layer pad and the understrap apply pressure to the area below the kneecap to reduce stress on the patellar tendon. The patella pad and dual-layer pad enhance the kneecap stability. 

JK-2 is perfectly indicated for players jumping frequently in their sport. 


The Zamst JK-2 is indicated for advanced support for the patella tendon and knee cap.


  • Increase jumping activity
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms associated with patella tendonitis
  • Improve knee and patella joint function
  • Reduce stress on quad and patella tendons