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Hely and Weber Webly Zap Ankle Brace

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Hely & Weber Webly Zap Ankle Brace

Ankle Bracing Just Got Better

The Webly Zap™ replicates ankle taping and is our most effective brace for play, rehabilitation and competitive athletics.

Countless players, practitioners and patients over the last 20 years have trusted our lacing sports ankle brace to assist in ankle sprain prevention and protection.

  • Limits ankle inversion/eversion while not restricting plantar and dorsiflexion
  • Figure-eight stabilizing straps replicate ankle taping
  • Low profile brace fits in shoes and work boots
  • Useful prophylactically and for ankle sprains
  • Fits right or left

Working closely with athletic trainers and orthopedic surgeons, we originated the ankle stabilization brace more than 20 years ago. The ZAP™ is our latest creation. We used our original brace as a base to make the following improvements: New fabrics give the ZAP™ greater breathability, added strength and durability, which allows it a lower profile for better comfort. We have added an elastic strap closure to improve compression, which covers the laces and pullup straps, and gives it a contemporary, clean appearance.

NOSWET® spacer fabric tongue and Achilles relief pad provide airy comfort and lace protection and wicks away moisture. Pull ups on the straps give the patient improved leverage for a more secure fit. Our new seamless design limits irritation of the foot and ankle.



The Hely Weber Webly Zap is indicated for mild to moderate edema and ankle stability.


  • Provide compression of foot and ankle
  • Reduce edema in ankles
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms associated with ankle edema
  • Improve diuretic effects
  • Prevent skin breakdown