FreeSport Knee Brace

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FreeSport knee braces are innovative soft goods designed for mild to moderate patellofemoral support. They are constructed with the unique Smart-Zone compression fabric that delivers a low profile and ultra-lightweight silhouette. They contain a lateral buttress that offers a comfortable and supportive fit and are available in both a sleeve and wraparound design. The FreeSport braces provide compression and stability so patients can maintain their activities of choice.

Common Examples of Use

Patellofemoral pain syndrome
Patellar maltracking
Patellar tendonitis
Mild chondromalacia
Runners Knee
Post lateral release
Product Features
Smart-Zone compression fabric; moderate compression for anatomic support and light compression for a non-binding fit
Lateral buttress for stabilization and support
Wraparound design is universal Right / Left
Migration control with elastic banding and silicone strips
Breathable and lightweight
A high strength and tear-resistant pocket system made of nylon hinges and foam hinge pockets