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FLA Safe-T-Belt Working Back Brace

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FLA Safe-T-Belt Working Back Brace

FLA Safe-T-Belt Working Back Brace should be worn during any activity involving lifting, repetitive motions or standing for long periods of time. The compression system helps hold the back in proper alignment and reduces stress on the lower back. Design encourages correct posture and use of proper lifting techniques.

Durable and comfortable for extended use at work or home. Ideal for industrial use, drivers, movers, delivery personnel, material handling, and any task involving sitting, kneeling or bending.

  • Provides support to the lower back and helps promote proper posture and lifting techniques
  • Contains Latex
  • Wide support base is made of high grade, breathable spandex for extended product life
  • Lumbar pad provides focused support and compression
  • The contoured shape allows for an improved fit without riding up
  • Features overlapping elastic compression panels and rubberized gripper strips to hold the belt in place
  • Full color training insert included
  • Color: Black


The FLA Safe-T-Belt Working Back Brace is indicated for mild to moderate back support.


  • Increase warmth & compression
  • Reinforce lumbar region during heavy lifting
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease back pain symptoms
  • Low profile back brace