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FLA ProLite 3D Knee Support

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FLA ProLite 3D Knee Support Information

Innovative knit structure provides gradient compression to promote the healing process.

  • Anatomical contouring supports natural motion of the knee and provides an exceptional fit
  • Motion comfort zone in popliteal area for increased comfort
  • Comfortable, non-constricting top and bottom cuffs
  • Medical-grade silicone insert guides the patella
  • Silicone insert massages surrounding soft tissues to help reduce swelling
  • Constructed with moisture-wicking fibers
  • Premium knee support is a lightweight, breathable alternative to neoprene
  • Color: White/Gray


This brace is indicated for slight to moderate strain of the knee joint and mild patella femoral instability.

  • Increase knee compression to reduce swelling
  • Patella stability
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms associated with mild patella femoral instability
  • Improve joint function
  • Improve quality of life