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FLA OA/Arthritis Knee Brace


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FLA Orthopedics OA/Arthritis Knee Brace Features

  • Off-Loading reduces bone on bone contact and the associated pain
  • Wrap-around design is quick and easy to apply to tender, swollen knees, and support straps allow for adjustable compression
  • Neoprene material provides therapeutic warmth to soothe the aching joint
  • Interchangeable condyle pads for day-to-day adjustment
  • Medial and lateral designs for left and right knee applications
  • Color: Beige
  • Indicated for:
    - Mild unicompartmental osteoarthritis (Grades I and II)
    - Knee pain due to cartilage or meniscus deterioration
    - Mild ligament instabilities
    - Medial or lateral instability
  • Note - This product can be returned only in case of any defect or any non-medical or medical reaction being caused

More On FLA Orthopedics OA/Arthritis Knee Brace

What does the FLA OA brace work?
  • Osteoarthritis (OA)/Arthritis Knee Brace provides excellent support and targeted pain relief. 
  • The unilateral hinge and strapping system work together to apply a corrective force to the joint - creating space in the joint where cartilage has deteriorated.
  • Stress and load on the affected side of the joint is transferred to the unaffected compartment, allowing the joint to realign.


Sizes Fits
X-Small 12" to 13"
Small 14" to 15"
Medium 16" to 17"
Large 18" to 19"
X-Large 20" to 21"
XX-Large 22" to 23"
3X-Large 24" to 25"
Measure around leg 4" above center of knee cap
Specify medial left/lateral right or medial right/lateral left

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