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FLA Neoprene Stabilizing Knee Brace


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FLA Neoprene Stabilizing Knee Brace

FLA Neoprene Stabilizing Knee Brace with composite hinges is ideal following sports injuries. The F.L.A. Neoprene Stabilizing Knee Brace can be easily applied to swollen or tender knees resulting from sprains, strains, sports injuries, arthritis or post-operative rehabilitation.

The lightweight neoprene provides consistent compression and therapeutic warmth. The inferior horseshoe support is ideal for patellar tracking problems.

  • Ideal for use on swollen or tender knees following sports injuries or arthritis
  • Pull-on style with two loop lock adjustable straps
  • Lightweight composite hinges allow for flexion
  • Hinges limit medial and lateral movement and preventing hyperextension
  • Inferior horseshoe support around the knee joint for patellar tracking problems
  • Soft terry lining, seamless design
  • Color: Beige
  • FLA Neoprene Stabilizing Knee Brace is available in 6 sizes


FLA Neoprene Stabilizing Knee Brace is indicated for slight to moderate strain of the knee joint and mild patella femoral instability.


  • Increase compression to reduce swelling
  • Patella stability
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease knee pain symptoms associated with mild patella femoral instability
  • Improve knee joint function
  • Improve quality of life

Customer Reviews

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A great brace for a golfer.

I was looking for a brace to provide lateral stability to the left knee during my golf swing. This brace does a very good job of providing that stability. It also helps the patella track properly.

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I love it