Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy

Elasto-Gel Cranial Cap Hot/Cold Therapy


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Elasto-Gel Cranial Cap Hot/Cold Therapy

Elasto-Gel Cranial Cap Hot/Cold Therapy may be used for either hot or cold therapy and will not leak if punctured. When heated, products provide moist therapy heat and when used cold, products provide soothing cold without causing trauma to the skin or nerves. In addition, when used cold, the products remain soft and flexible even at -20°F. The products will not dry out, become hard or change form and are re-usable. The products have the ability to conform to all contoured areas and move with patient movement. Products are covered with a four-way stretch material that allows maximum conformity, heat transfer and comfort.

The cranial caps are primarily used for cold therapy to aid in relief with various headaches or to be used as a cool-down product after vigorous workouts to maintain over-heated body temperatures. The product is available in two sizes. CAP600 has the following dimensions: height is 29 '_ cm for consideration of amount of hair user has; crown of head fits 37cm or less; neck area fits 30cm or less. CAP602 has height of 31cm which may be more appropriate for someone who has thick hair; crown fits 46cm or less and neck area fits 35cm or less. Product is sold by single unit.

  • Ground delivery only!
  • Available in the 48 contiguous states only!
  • Specifically designed for the head
  • Designed with comfort and precise functionality in mind
  • It's quick, clean, easy-to use, smart, cost-effective and backed by medical professionals!
  • If used as a cold therapy wrap, the wrap will benefit with a reduction in swelling and inflammation
  • Use after an intense workout will also give benefits of reducing pain and muscle spasms
  • The wrap will stay cold for 20-40 minutes, giving ample time for cold therapy
  • Easy application and simple adjustments
  • Accommodate both dressing and swelling changes, and promote increased patient compliance


Elasto-Gel Cranial Cap Hot/Cold Therapy is indicated for tension Headaches and migraines


  • Reduce headaches
  • Ease of use
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease migraine symptoms
  • Patient compliance