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Advanced Ortho Elastic Slip-On Ankle Support

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 Advanced Ortho Elastic Slip-On Ankle Support Information

Durable lightweight knitted elastic provides support with flexibility. The unique seamless construction will not irritate skin and an open heel and toe provides easy slip on. Fits either left or right ankle.

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Due to an accident many years ago that has caused my ankle and instep to puff up and swell I have had to wear an elastic ankle sleeve. I have to wear a sleeve that puts a little pressure on my foot to prevent swelling., I finally wore out most of my original ones and the newer ones did not fit correctly. I have looked all over for a light weight ankle support to help with ankle swelling. Most of the supports I found were too tight on the foot leg and came up too high on the leg.This cut off circulation to my whole foot. Not good! After having spent a small fortune on elastic ankle supports that didn't fit I finally found FLA Elastic slip-on ankle support. This is a life-saver, gentle pressure, not too tight, easy to slip on and off. I have ordered a couple more just to be on the safe side in case they discontinue the item as often happens. They are easy to keep clean but I do wish they came in beige so they don't show too much when worn. As of now I will dye the ones I have brown so they are not so noticeable. Hurray and thank you.

Thank you for your review. We are extremely happy hear your Advanced Ortho Elastic Slip-On Ankle Support is working so well for you.