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The Donjoy Ultra-4 Walker provides patients with the right blend of stability and comfort in an open-heel walking boot design.  This model features an open heel with an adjustable heel strap that's designed to accommodate bandages and dressings in the heel area.  The tall walker design makes the Donjoy Ultra-4 walking boot well designed for use after foot and ankle procedures, acute ankle sprains, stable fractures of the forefoot area, recovery from stress fractures, stable lower leg fractures, and more.  The boot's lightweight, plastic shell provides excellent support and minimizes the ability of your foot to slide around inside during ambulation.  The unique SACH heel reduces impact stress that would normally be transferred towards your knee and hip joint thus cushioning your foot and ankle with each step.  Physicians appreciate the boot's sole and how its design helps to increase support and stability while walking indoors or outside.  The Donjoy Ultra-4 Walker provides patients with the highest level of protection in a lightweight model that's geared for all day use.

is ideal for acute ankle sprains, soft tissue injuries and stress fractures of the lower leg and ankle. Comfort, function and clinical efficacy are designed into the Ultra-4.

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Donjoy Ultra-4 Walker Features:

  • Lightweight, reliable frame with an open heel design.
  • Provides foot support and alignment while reducing sliding inside.
  • Progressive radius sole provides patients with greater stability and increased comfort during ambulation.
  • SACH heel design absorbs impact at heel strike with one of the most cushioned inner and outer sole designs available today.
  • Low profile for enhanced patient comfort.
  • Wide foot plate accommodates edema and/or bandages.
  • Washable liner for proper hygiene.
  • Fits right and left sides.

Choose according to your typical shoe size:

 Size  Shoe Size
 S  Men's 6-8, Women's 5-7
 M  Men's 8-10, Women's 7-9
 L   Men's 10+, Women's 9+

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