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DonJoy Ultra-4 Jr Walker Boot


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Ultra-4 Junior Walker for acute ankle sprains, forefoot mid-foot sprains and strains, stress and stable fractures of the foot, and soft tissue injuries.

Limited Inventory.  No returns.

Ultra-4 Junior Walker Features:

  • Lightweight, reliable frame with open heel.
  • Outstanding A/P and medial/lateral control to ensure proper, comfortable foot alignment.
  • Progressive radius sole for improved gait pattern and stability.
  • SACH design absorbs impact of heel strike with cushioned inner and outer sole.
  • Low profile.
  • Wide foot plate to accommodate edema or bandages.
  • Washable liner.

Based on typical shoe size.

 Size  Shoe Size
 S  Men's 6-8, Women's 5-7
 M  Men's 8-10, Women's 7-9
 L   Men's 10+, Women's 9+

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