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DonJoy Dura*Kold Consumer Wrap

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DonJoy Dura*Kold Consumer Wrap


DonJoy Dura*Kold Consumer Wrap is "user friendly" for both the doctor and the patient. Storage space requirements are reduced due to the malleability plus the size of the inserts. Continuous icing is possible with multiple wraps. Keep an extra wrap in the freezer while one is being applied.

  • Long term cold therapy with Dura*Kold's ice mat of purified water
  • Even, adjustable compression with contact closures
  • The Dura*Kold® wraps are reusable
  • To use extensively during rehab and future general use
  • Universal design provides extended cold therapy to various areas of the body
  • Helps reduce pain and swelling and speed rehab
  • DonJoy Dura*Kold Consumer Wrap Standard size: 5" x 15"
  • DonJoy Dura*Kold Consumer Wrap Extra Large size: 8" x 22"


The DonJoy Dura*Kold Consumer Wrap provides continuous cold therapy to any area for acute, chronic, or post-surgical applications. Cryotherapy can reduce pain, swelling and facilitate faster rehabilitation.


Dura*Kold products are ideally suited for postoperative treatment of open and arthroscopic orthopedic surgeries as well as rehabilitation from sprains and strains. these products effectively penetrate surgical dressings decreasing pain, edema, and secondary hypoxic tissue injury provide effective cold application for up to two hours.