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DeRoyal Element Sport Ankle Powered by Boa

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DeRoyal Element Sport Ankle Brace Powered By Boa Information

For decades, the medical industry has defaulted to hook-and-loop fasteners and straps as the primary closure on braces.

The Boa Closure System represents a fundamental shift that revolutionizes the fit, user experience and clinical benefit of medical products. Boa Technology's proprietary closure system of steel lace and nylon guides was designed to address the long list of deficiencies found in traditional closures.

The result? Get a perfect fit with the simple, one-handed turn of a knob, free of stretch, weight and hassle. Enjoy a significantly improved level of customizable comfort along with durability, fast and convenient operation and on-the-fly adjustment.

  • Patented heel control strapping system holds the calcaneous under the talus controlling subtalar
         inversion and talar rotation
  • Powered by the Boa Closure System for a secure glove like fit that is easy for the
         patient to apply
  • Dial allows on-the-fly adjustment
  • Rigid medial and lateral uprights help prevent abnormal eversion and inversion
  • Functional hinge design allows for utilization of the brace preventatively
  • Low profile design for a comfortable fit inside of shoes increasing patient compliance


Acute and chronic ankle sprains; Chronic ankle instability; Posterior tibial tendonitis; Peroneal tendonitis; Osteoarthritis


  • Maximum support
  • Maximum stabilization
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Improve joint function
  • Lightweight support

Size Male Shoe Size Female Shoe Size Right Left
Small < 8 < 9½ AB2150-10 AB2150-16
Medium 8 - 12 9½ - 13½ AB2150-12 AB2150-18
Large 12 + 13½ + AB2150-14 AB2150-20


Customer Reviews

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Purchased but did not wear

I have a ruptured posterior tibial tendon and was looking for an easy to use brace to stabilize my ankle. I took this out of the box and decided it would be more trouble to use than my current brace so I returned it.

Thank you for your review. If you would like to contact your customer service department at (855)414-1313 and our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to assist you in finding a brace that will be faster and easier to put on.