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Chattanooga Dura-Stick II Self-Adhesive Electrodes

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Chattanooga Dura-Stick II Electrodes Information

The Dura-Stick II Self-Adhesive Electrodes conduct electrons from the electrotherapy device into the patient and serve as a conductor and medium between the two. This product is available in round, square, and rectangle shapes as well as various sizes for specific treatment types.

Our most popular and best selling electrode, DURA-STICK® II electrodes provide comfortable and effective stimulation through the unique silver printed conductor.

Benefits Include:

  • Dura-Stick II Electrodes are deluxe pre-gelled electrodes
  • Made with an innovative new polymer that increases durability and adhesive properties
  • Unique silver printed layer that maximizes conductivity
  • 2.75" x 5" Rectangle
  • 2 x 3.5" Rectangle
  • 2.75" Round
  • 2" Square
  • Packaging: 40 per case