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Breg Vectra Premium Tall Walker

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Breg Vectra Premium Tall Walking Boot Information

Introducing BREG's Vectra Premium Tall Walker! The Breg VECTRA Premium Walking Boots are designed for maximum comfort and compliance, and their innovative, customizable design promotes optimal healing.

Each VECRA Premium Walker Boot features a durable, dual-convex low-profile rocker bottom for more natural gait, along with a wider foot-bed to accommodate bandages without sacrificing comfort.

And its lightweight, low-profile design and full-circumferential strapping provide exceptional stability and support.

  • Moisture Wicking Airmesh Liner
  • Aluminum uprights for customizable fit
  • Removable heel cup for individualized open or closed heel applications
  • Sole is constructed of high-strength composite for long-lasting wear
  • Dual-axis rocker design promotes a more natural heel-toe transition for better gait
  • Wide cushioned foot-bed to aid in patient compliance
  • Full circumferential strapping for increased stability and support
  • Removable malleoli padding to accommodate bandages
  • Indicated for sprains, strains and some fractures


The Vectra Premium Tall Walker is indicated for lower leg/ankle fractures, acute ankle sprains and soft tissue injuries


  • Increase stability
  • Protect ankle injury/surgery
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Restore ankle joint function
  • Improve compliance