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Breg Neoprene Thigh Support

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Breg Neoprene Thigh Support

The Breg Neoprene Thigh Support is a contoured fit thigh sleeve which reduces muscle vibration due to sports like running or basketball.

The Breg Neoprene Thigh Support is an easy to use slip on compressive sleeve that reduces the chance of quad and hamstring tendonitis and groin injuries.

  • Slip-on for contoured fit
  • Provides warmth, compression and support
  • Reduces muscle vibration in the lower leg
  • Controls muscle movement
  • Universal Left Or Right
  • Available in six different sizes


TheBreg Neoprene Thigh Support is indicated for hamstring, quadriceps or groin injuries.


  • Controls muscle movement
  • Reduces muscle vibration
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Improves endurance