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Breg Fusion Thigh/Calf Kits

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Breg Fusion Refurbishing Kits Information

The Breg Fusion Refurbishing kits are all you need to keep your Fusion Knee Braces like new. Designed to be worn with the Breg Fusion with AirTech Only.

  • The Refurbishing Kit for the Breg Fusion with AirTech Knee Brace only
  • Kit only includes either thigh frame pads & thigh straps or calf frame pads & calf straps
  • Does not include condyle pads
  • Please choose correct sizing based on your brace size
  • Choose left or right thigh or calf kit
  • Breg Fusion Refurbishing Kits comes with a 3 month warranty
  • This product will take an extra 5 days to ship