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Breg Curtis Shoulder Sleeve

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The Breg Curtis Shoulder Stabilizing Sleeve provides compression and restriction for shoulder discomfort and instabilities while remaining highly wearable and nonrestrictive. The formfitting Neoprene material provides warmth and support for muscle strains and injuries and is ideal for various activities and sports.

Common Examples of Use

  • Shoulder dislocations
  • Shoulder subluxations
  • Global shoulder instabilities


  • Easy application requires limited use of the shoulder
  • Neoprene construction provides compression and warmth
  • Soft interior for wearing under or over clothing

Customer Reviews

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Almost works

The brace is well constructed and relatively easy to put on without help. I have a chronically dislocating shoulder and the brace helps to inhibit excessive external rotation. However, the brace tends to ride up as I exercise or do household chores, this prevents it from stabilizing my shoulder because it just gets loose as it rides up. I am trying to work out a solution, but no luck so far.

We are sorry that you are having an issue with the product. We will try to check with the manufacturer if there is anything they can suggest to solve the issue you are having.