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Breg Airplane Abduction Sling

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Breg Airplane Abduction Sling

The Breg Airplane Abduction Sling is designed to hold the shoulder in 45° or 70° of abduction. When the pillow is attached to the body and the arm straps are applied, the brace limits the posterior shift of the shoulder following rotator cuff repairs. The brace is easy to apply and is universal for either right or left shoulders.
  • Shoulder Immobilizer with abduction pillow providing 45¬∞ or 70¬∞ of abduction
  • Adjustable wrist and humeral cuffs providing additional stability
  • Padded foam body swathe
  • Lightweight, comfortable material
  • Universal Right/Left

Common Examples of Use

  • Large rotator cuff repairs
  • Immobilization of the rotator cuff
  • Global shoulder instabilities
  • Arthroscopic repair
  • Humeral head fractures
  • Adhesive capsulitis at the shoulder (Frozen Shoulder)


  • Maintain shoulder position
  • Immobilization of the shoulder
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Improve shoulder recovery
  • Improve compliance


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