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BORT Soft SellaTex Thumb & Wrist Support Fracture Splint, with removable thumb

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- Wrist brace with additional immobilization of the metacarpophalangeal joint and saddle joint of the thumb
- Palm and dorsal splints to stabilize wrist and metacarpus
- Adjustable thumb element, which can be individually positioned and removable
- Length: approx. 19 cm
- Also for children

- Can be fully opened
- Comfortable to wear
- Stabilo strap

blue (Kids only), grey

Size - Circumference of wrist

x-small up to 5.9" 
small 5.9" - 6.7"
medium 6.7" - 7.5" 
large 7.5" - 8.3"
X-large 8.3" - 9.1"
Please indicate left or right.

Indications Pre-operative, post-traumatic, postoperative, i.e. after thumb ligament reconstruction, immobilization in the case of rheumatic & arthritis inflammatory processes, in the case of degenerative diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome

Customer Reviews

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Rigid brace

Very Rigid wrist brace, but thumb can move and be pinched.

Thank you for your review. We carry many wrist braces and if you are finding that this is not the right brace for you, please contact our customers service department at (855) 414-1313 to assist you in find the right brace.
Great Product! Super soft personal fit!

Great brace! I used it for tendinitis/carpal tunnel injury. Super soft and comfortable material with a personalized fit. I had to wear for over 8 weeks 24/7 during my injury and must say it is worth the money compared to other braces! The thumb being removable makes this brace superior to any others out there on the market. In my case I was able to remove the thumb during the healing process without having buy two separate items or use the horrible cheap umcomfortable one than my doctor provided me with where the thumb was stuck in one position permanently.

Thanks for the feedback! Great to know about the removal thumb spica!