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Bledsoe Wraptor Ankle Brace

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Bledsoe Wraptor Ankle Brace

Bledsoe Wraptor Ankle Brace is a Lace-up ankle brace that has been proven to reduce the incidents of acute ankle injuries in athletes both with and without a previous ankle injury.* The Bledsoe Wraptor Ankle Brace combines function and comfort'the key to compliance is to keep your athletes in the game!

Several new materials make the Bledsoe Wraptor Ankle Brace more comfortable: Sharkskin material at the base of the foot reduces brace slippage, breathable spacermesh lining wicks moisture away, and elastic forefoot material reduces fabric bunching.

Designed to prevent inversion and eversion, the Bledsoe Wraptor Ankle Stabilizer offers staunch protection to an injured ankle.

  • Non-stretch nylon figure eight straps lock the calcaneous in neutral position
  • Figure 8 design mimics taping saving time, money, and resources
  • Durable nylon and reinforced stitching design withstand extreme stress and wear
  • 6 month extended warranty for teams
  • Cooler Materials - mesh material wicks moisture away from the skin keeping athletes cool and comfortable
  • Speed laces - laces quickly adjust and secure for athletes with little time to apply a full lace-up
  • Achilles relief - padding above the heel provides relief and padding for the Achilles tendon
  • Controls abnormal eversion and inversion
  • Universal design fits right or left ankle
  • Prevent eversion or inversion by supporting the ankle in a biomechanically neutral position
  • Effective protecting the ankle proactively or in the rehabilitation of acute ankle sprains
  • The Wraptor keeps players in the game!
  • Eversion and inversion straps provide figure-8 support in a quick fit
  • High ankle strap provides additional support and secures medial and lateral stirrup straps
  • New materials including SpacerMesh lining to wick moisture away
  • Sharkskin material to decrease brace slippage


Bledsoe Wraptor Ankle Brace is indicated for chronic and acute ankle sprains; abnormal eversion and inversion control; and as protective sportswear.


  • Stabilize ankle instability
  • Prevent further ankle ligament damage
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms associated with inversion instability
  • Improve ankle joint function
  • Control excessive pronation
  • Wrap closure secures laces, eversion and inversion straps