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Bledsoe Sling and Swathe Immobilizer

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Bledsoe Sling and Swathe Immobilizer Information

The Sling & Swathe Immobilizer features: Lightweight, soft foam support; adjustable slide buckle straps; universal fit to reduce inventory; easy-touch closure; and is Latex-free.

  • Lightweight, soft foam sling supports the arm
  • Swathe immobilizes the arm and shoulder
  • Adjustable slide-buckle straps


Immobilization for sprains, strains and fractures. Swathe firmly secures arm against body or fixates shoulder. Contraindicated for unstable fractures.


  • Arm immobilization
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Improve post-operative arm recovery
  • Improve post injury/post surgery shoulder recovery