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Breg Simple Pelvic Brace Information

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The Breg Simple Pelvic Brace is the solution to the difficult problem of hip rotational control. This off-the-shelf brace fits like a custom and can be applied in less than 10 minutes.

The Breg Simple Pelvic Brace limits hip flexion/ extension as well as abduction and adduction in 15° increments from -30° to 105° and locks in any position from -30° to 60°.

  • Controls rotation, abduction and limits or locks range of motion about the hip
  • Sturdy, formable aluminum uprights and rigid plastic shells for positive control
  • Soft breathable foam wraps for patient comfort
  • Non-stretch pile straps that encompass the entire brace, interlocking all components


This device is indicated to limit motion and reduce incidence of dislocation of the hip and to provide limited motion of hip abduction or adduction after injury or operative procedures to the hip joint.


This device is contraindicated for controlling fractures of the femur or pelvis.


  • Limit hip range of motion control
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease hip pain symptoms
  • Improve hip joint recovery
  • Improve hip surgery success


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