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Breg PFS Plantar Fasciitis Strap

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Breg PFS Plantar Fasciitis Support Information

The Breg Plantar Fasciitis Support provides continuous elastic tension and pressure to reduce the pain associated with inflammation due to plantar fasciitis. Used in conjunction with Breg's recommended exercise program, the PFS reduces pain, allowing the patient to strengthen the muscles of the foot, arch and lower leg, as well as stretch the Achilles tendon to provide relief and prevent future discomfort from plantar fasciitis.

Unlike shoe inserts or non-elastic bands, the Breg PFS maintains tension continuously during wear. This reduces painful inflammation and allows the patient to exercise the calf and foot muscles. Proper muscle tone will prevent future plantar fasciitis.

  • Simple and inexpensive way to reduce inflammation
  • Anatomically designed for proper fit and control; two sizes adjust for any size foot
  • Provides tension and support, allowing the patient to exercise; exercise program¬† included with a brace
  • Fast, easy 15-second application
  • Breathable stiff foam, wickable fabric draws perspiration away from skin


This device is indicated to help relieve pain from inflammation caused by mild to moderate plantar fasciitis by applying pressure and tension over the medial calcaneal tubercle and plantar fascia.


This device is contraindicated for patients with severe circulatory impairment or other medical conditions where the elastic band could further reduce circulation or cause problems related to excess elastic pressure.


  • Reduce plantar fascia irritation
  • Reduce arch inflammation
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease foot pain symptoms
  • Improve ankle/foot function
  • Improve endurance

Customer Reviews

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Surprise straps

I had ordered bledsoe planter fasciitis straps and when I got them they were Breg brand. They are a different style than the Bledsoe brand and don’t fit the same. I called the customer service number and the lady told me Breg had bought Bledsoe . She was super nice and helpful. I really don’t like the Breg straps as much. I just wish they would let you know before they arrived

Thank you for your feedback. That is correct that Bledsoe has been purchased by Breg. If you ever have an issue with the fit, let us know so we can report it to Breg. There is always challenges in transitioning two large manufacturers but they really appreciate and want the feedback so thank you for sharing and we will bring this to their attention. Thank you.