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Bledsoe Hinged Elbow Brace

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Bledsoe Hinged Elbow Brace Information

The next generation of hyperextension elbow braces is here. The Hinged Elbow Brace features dual upright hinges and cross straps to prevent hyperextension of the elbow. When returning to play, the Hinged Elbow Brace controls range-of-motion and protects athletes.

  • Low-profile, heavy-duty hinges
  • Fully adjustable cross straps prevent hyperextension
  • Extension stops included for additional range-of-motion control
  • Bicep cuff easily adjusts for multiple sizes with one-hand strap
  • Mesh cutout reduces irritation when arm is flexed, creating a more comfortable fit
  • Cross straps adjust for extension control
  • Removable hinge: Hinges are removable for laundering
  • Our revolutionary TriTech material has radically altered the definition of high tech performance fabrics
  • TriTech is half as thick as the competition
  • Bledsoe's TriTech is 2 mm while the competition is > 4 mm
  • TriTech keeps you cooler when you break a sweat
  • It's so breathable you can see through it
  • Increased spandex provides more compression and support, while preventing brace migration
  • New neoprene material provides warmth to the joint and maximum compression support


For hyperextension prevention in athletes, chronic elbow injuries, elbow tendonitis and post-elbow dislocations.


  • Prevent elbow hyperextension
  • Adjustable ROM features
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease elbow pain symptoms
  • Improve elbow joint function
  • Improve post injury/post surgery recovery