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Breg Flatform Plus Walking Boot

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Breg Flatform Plus Walker Boot Information

Our classic walker boot with flat innersole design helps to prevent dorsiflexion of the foot.

To walk like a shoe, you've got to fit like a shoe. Breg walking boots mimic a natural shoe to create a gait that is so smooth.

Breg's heel height replicates the height of a shoe ' .75 inch. The industry average heel height is about 1.44 inches. Several models place the heel as high as 1.75 inches. Higher heel placement forces the patient to walk unevenly or 'circle the foot' to step, which often leads to back pain.

Breg makes the narrowest heel in the industry, at 2 inches. Other boot heels average almost 3.5 inches across. To 'accommodate swelling,' one popular model has a heel 5 inches wide. With Breg's narrow heel, there is no pressure on the knee and no danger of slipping on the edge of the heel.

Breg is the only boot with a slight forward cant, which mirrors our natural stance in bare feet. Major manufacturers of walker boots set their stance between neutral (0°) and -3°. To the patient, it can provide a worrisome feeling of falling backward that can be magnified when walking on inclines or stairs. Breg's 3° forward stance means patients move with confidence.

To accommodate swelling and dressings, Breg uses formable aluminum arms that can change with the width of the ankle without negatively affecting the gait.

  • Flat foam innersole cushions the foot
  • Pneumatic quick-pump liner encompasses the forefoot, ankle and leg for complete immobilization and increased patient comfort
  • Push release button eases patient doffing
  • Bulb placement prevents self-inflation, common with competitor models
  • Full bootie encloses the foot
  • Pivoting forefoot straps
  • Fully adjustable calf straps for ideal placement
  • Strong and durable aluminum shell
  • Available in Standard or Mid-Calf height


For post-operative tarsal, metatarsals, and phalanges procedures requiring a flat innersole


  • Enhanced mobility
  • Patient compliance
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Comprehensive range of application
  • Improved ROM

Support Level

This brace is rated Level IV

Bledsoe Flatform Plus Walker Boot

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