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Breg Axiom Ankle Brace

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Breg Axiom Ankle Brace Information

Designed to prevent inversion and eversion, the Breg Axiom Ankle Brace offers staunch protection to an injured ankle.
  • Uses a plastic alloy that prevents inversion and eversion, yet flexes with natural movement
  • Separate upper shells allow the material to naturally form to any ankle
  • On and off is easy with innovative Breg over-center buckles
  • Eliminates irritating pressure on the Achilles tendon, using a simple cut-out
  • Center pivot point on malleolus eliminates pressure & supports a natural anatomical movement
  • The unique footplate material is heat formable at lower temperatures
  • Stable... yet flexible support... without restriction
  • Seamless fit in the shoe... and on the ankle
  • Low ankle/high ankle protection


This device is designed to increase support in the inversion and eversion control of unstable ankles and indicated for increased inversion and eversion control for grade 1 and 2 acutely sprained ankles where dorsiflexion and plantar-flexion is permissible and inflammation is under control.


  • Stabilize ankle instability
  • Prevent further ankle ligament damage
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms associated with inversion instability
  • Improve ankle joint function
  • Control excessive pronation

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