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Breg Achilles Walking Boot

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Breg Achilles Walking Boot

The Breg Achilles Walking Boot saves time by eliminating casting series required to stretch the Achilles tendon during rehab. Four cast urethane inter-locking wedges (10 degrees each) provides a fast change of foot angles.

The ease of application (less than 5 minutes!) makes this the hallmark walking boot for Achilles injury and post-op Achilles repair. Unique rocker design allows the patient to closely simulate a normal gait.

Breg Achilles Walking Boot contains 3 layers of pads that contour to the ankle shape and support the ankle for total control. A low profile aluminum shell offers greater stability and strength.

  • Contains three layers of pads that contour to the ankle shape & supports ankle for total control
  • Achilles Boot eliminates multiple casting required to stretch the Achilles tendon during rehab
  • Cast urethane wedges (included) inter-lock for fast foot angle changes
  • Low profile rocker bottom helps eliminate pelvic tilt
  • Patient can closely simulate a normal gait with the unique rocker design
  • Available only in Black
  • Ultra-breathable foam wrap for patient comfort
  • Strong aluminum alloy provides strength, yet allows formability to change widths
  • Optional Air Ankle/Heel Pad

(Air ankle/heel pad allows for ability to adjust ankle pressure for increased comfort and provides pneumatic ankle support)


  • Post-Op Achilles Repair
  • Achilles Injury
  • Post-op ankle surgery


  • Avoid series casting
  • Support and comfort
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Improve healing time
  • Simulate normal gait


Size Calf Circumference
Small Up to 19 inch
Medium Up to 21 inch
Large Up to 23 inch
X-Large Up to 25 inch

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