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BioSkin Standard Ankle Skin with Figure 8 Wrap

Bio Skin Standard Ankle Skin with Figure 8 Wrap is an economical way to control swelling and support ankles with minor instability.

The Standard Ankle Support is constructed of Bio Skin's patented, thin, breathable material which makes the support comfortable to wear and easy to put inside a shoe while providing excellent compression.

    • Hook & Loop rear closure allows easy application
    • Universal left or right
    • Includes Figure-8 Wrap providing added support and adjustability
(Some websites charge extra so be aware!)
  • Constructed of Bio Skin Ultima 2s material with micro-fleece lining
  • Anti-microbial finish for extra comfort


Bio Skin Standard Ankle Skin with Figure 8 Wrap is indicated for contusions of Foot & Ankle, Arthritis, Tendonitis


  • Increase ankle stability
  • Preventative support
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Improve ankle joint function
  • Improve endurance

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