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BioSkin Q Brace - Front Closure - Patellofemoral Knee Brace


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BioSkin Q Front Closure Knee Brace Information

The BioSkin Q Brace Front Closure is a unique knee brace which offers multifunctional and multi-directional traction to the patella.

The BioSkin Q Brace Front Closure is a patella tracking brace that provides flexibility in its T-strap positions.

By changing the direction of the Q Brace strap, you can control the patella traction medially, medial/superior or medial/inferior.

Wearing the Q Brace Front Closure provides continuous therapy and has been proven to significantly improve recovery.

  • Unique, multifunctional, patella tracking brace
  • Easy application without bending your knee
  • Easily adjusts for hard to fit legs
  • Multi-Directional traction to the patella
  • Adjusts to a variety of precise tracking directions
  • Achieves greater dynamic force as the knee is flexed
  • Strapping system minimizes migration
  • Easy front closure application without bending the knee
  • Universal Left Or Right
  • Easily adjusts for hard to fit legs


The Bio Skin Q Brace is designed for anterior knee pain, lateral patella tracking and lateral patellar subluxation.


  • Reduce patella tracking
  • Delay surgery
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Improve knee function
  • Improve endurance


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