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MedSpec ASO Speed Lacer Ankle Brace

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ASO Speed Lacer Ankle Brace

The ASO Speed Lacer Ankle Brace is a great choice for preventing or treating ankle sprains. The quick lacing feature makes the speed lacer different from regular ASO. Two hand-held tabs allow the patient to tightly close the brace without having to remove the laces.
Highly Recommended by some of the top Tennis and Volleyball Pro's

  • Elastic cuff closure: decreases amount of inversion possible
  • Ballistic nylon straps: "figure 8" straps replicate ankle taping
  • Low profile: will fit in any type of shoe
  • Lace up closure: patient friendly application
  • Bilateral capability: helps keep the foot in a neutral position
  • Ballistic nylon base: provides tremendous strength to the product; increase the longevity of brace
  • Knitted nylon boot: easy application
  • Velcro lace closure: enhanced breathability for long-term wear
  • US manufacturing: higher quality control standards
  • Each brace is sold separately


    The ASO Speed Lacer Ankle Brace is indicated for moderate to severe inversion or eversion sprains. High ankle sprains. Chronic ankle instability.



    • Moderate stability
    • Prevent sprains/strains
    • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
    • Decrease pain symptoms
    • Improve joint function
    • Maintain flexibility

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 27 reviews
      The Support

      Now that I figured out how to put it on I can say it seems to be helping a bit. I feel that there should be some kind of a marking on the brace itself where the toe goes and the heel.

      Thank you for your feedback on this product.

      Good products. Best I’ve found.

      Thank you for your 5 star review!
      Helpful Ankle Brace

      I like the support to my ankle! And esay to get on! Just wish the brace came down a little closer to the toes to help support the Spring Ligament too.

      Thank you for your feedback on this product.
      Good Support

      I like the ease of lacing and wrapping, but the brace needs a finger loop on the back to ease in putting the foot inside. The brace seems to be good for golfing, but I don't think it is as stiff as the lace-up Figure-Eight brace I have been using. I find my ankle is sore after a couple hours of Pickleball, indicating the ankle is moving as my foot moves and plants.

      Thank you for your feedback on this product.

      I had a terrible ankle injury over 20 years ago, my podiatrist told me that the doctors incorrectly treated it and I have lived with the pain and a ankle that is twice the size that it actually should be. He has also told me that because of the extremely high arches I have that it is only a matter of time until I fracture it, at which time he'll be able to fix it. I have tried every imaginable brace out there. This is the first brace that I have worn in years that completely supports my ankle on both sides, on top and bottom. I have absolutely no pain in my foot or ankle at the end of my work day or golf game... BEST BRACE EVER!!!!!

      Thank you for your 5 star review. We are pleased to hear that you are able to do your activities with no pain.