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AirCast Air-Stirrup Universe Care Kit


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AirCast Air-Stirrup Universe Care Kit

AirCast Air-Stirrup Universe Care Kit is a complete system for the functional management of an ankle sprain. It includes the Air-Stirrup Universe, an ankle wrap, cold pack, exercise band, and a video plus booklet showing instructions for treatment and rehabilitation.

With clear and simple-to-follow steps, the kit ensures that the patient receives a complete and thorough understanding of the proper care of their injury, saving the practitioner time and reducing overall costs.

While initially used for the acute stages of a sprain, the Air-Stirrup Universe Care Kit is also suitable for chronic instability. The instruction video and booklet adhere to standards for patient education as identified by JCAHO.

Air-Stirrup Universe Care Kit includes:

- Air-Stirrup Universe: Supports, protects, and controls swelling
- Ankle Wrap: Provides additional circumferential compression
- Controls swelling when used in conjunction with the Ankle Brace
- Cold Pack: Reduces pain
- Exercise Band: Helps strengthen the ankle with exercises
- Video and Booklet: Provides instruction on the proper care of a sprained ankle


The Air-Stirrup Universe Care Kit is indicated for moderate ankle sprains/ strains and instability which requires more advanced ankle support compared to lace up braces.


  • Stabilize ankle
  • Prevent inversion & eversion
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Provide ankle immobilization following injury
  • Improve endurance

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