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love this brace

My husband has used this brace many times....we love it!

New brace pars

So far they are working well. I would order from them again.

Easy to Adjust

This boot is easy to adjust. I've been wearing now for about two weeks and I am very pleased with the quality.

Flex light barces

Your braces came on time &were whatI ordered Give you 5 stars
Larry B

Good support. Great to have them again.

Aspen Quick Draw Pain Relieve Orthosis really works.

The SlickTrack really helped me to get an immediately lumbar pain relieve. I bought the Aspen Quick Draw on 2013 after a car accident. Today, I am completely pain free.

Hope you like irritation.

This arm sling is perfect at irritating you beyond belief where you want to chew off your own arm rather than use the sling any longer. For some reason they decided let's stitching a sharp edged Velcro esque pad to allowing them to stitch buttons to the sling. These sharp edge valecroest pads are unnecessary for this butter perfect for irritating your arm beyond belief and causing bleeding at times. I recommend not even putting wild animals in these slings let alone loved ones. Two thumbs down.

Order elsewhere (how do I set it for no stars)

I ordered replacement straps for a brace. The photo showed 6 straps. I got 3 straps. Nowhere on the shipping form did it have clear return info, I called the 800 number on the form. I was told that I was speaking with someone at Breg, and that I hadn't ordered from Breg, I ordered from Sport Braces. The guy on the phone gave me a number that was disconnected. Online I reached Sport Braces and they helped sort out the return. By the way, the 3 straps I ordered could fit in the palm of my hand. The box that was delivered was at least 24" high. And I was charged $10 for delivery. I am still waiting for my refund. Order somewhere else if you can.

they are excellent----fit perfectly

Dr ordered this ankle brace after breaking my foot in an auto accident. Foot was broken multiple places tallus dome, calcaneous is just a few bone I remember. Surgery wasn’t required at the time. The bones healed nicely in his brace after the splint was taken off.

Perfect fit!

I've had this knee brace forever, and some much needed refurbishing was in order on all of the straps and pads. had a replacement kit that matched a 27 year plus knee brace perfectly! Minus a scratch or two, my knee brace is just like new! Life long customer!

Awesome Thumb Brace!

I love this brace! It is not bulky like other braces. All the materials seem to be high quality including the velcro which is very important. The brace would be useless if the velcro did not stick. I would recommend this brace to anyone with Skiers Thumb or torn ligaments like I have. I knew I could not get what I needed over the counter at Walgreens or any Pharmacy. I am so happy I found this website Googling Thumb Braces. It does exactly what it says it will do stabilize your CMC and MCP joints. The guide was very helpful in picking the correct size. Customer Chat on their website was helpful and I even received a call from a Rep making sure I had picked the correct size before shipping it out.


Great brace that supports 1st CMC joint perfectly. Ive used other braces and have been very disappointed.


Works GREAT best thing ever

Perfect replacement!

I needed to replace an old, dry rotted DonJoy universal ankle wrap and this is perfect!

It was a gift for family member.

Wonderful company to do business with

Great product and the xs small
Size fits perfect
I have very small hands and the gloves
Fit so well they keep my fingers
And hands warm

Stabilizes MP jt

I bought this to stabilize my CMC joint, but while the brace completely immobilized my MP joint, which is not where I have a problem, it did a poor job of stabilizing the CPC joint. So if you are looking for MP stabilization, it does the job. But if you are looking for CMC joint stabilization, it does not do the job so well.

Great Fit Great Suport

Ordered one for me and one for my wife. We were both at the upper end of the size range and the snug fit and support are great. Little pull straps help a lot to get it in place. So far very pleased

Size too large. had to be returned.

Great Fit And Comfort

The sizing is accurate and this liner makes the boot more comfortable than when it was new.

Thank you for your 5 star review!
Two hot guns

How nice to do business with a helpful, courteous company! Thank You for all your help and patients.

Thumb brace

This thumb brace I’ve got for my mom. She ware it every day. It seams helps her jolted attrition thumb and she has less pain in her hand. The brace does not limit a whole hand from movement.

Used for Years

I've been using these ankle support braces for years. I was initially supplied these by the VA in Long Beach to support a chronically weak right ankle after several days in a walking boot. Over the years, I relocated and the new VA Medical Center issued me similar support, but with the straps not attached. I found it more difficult to get on and discovered that I could but the Ossur braces originally on Amazon but subsequently through other online sources, and most recently through Sports Braces. The same weakness has developed in my left ankle, but the braces offer me the support I need to continue to bowl. My right ankle has improved and I only wear the braces when bowling or walking on uneven terrain.