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Breg Genesis Mid-Calf Full Shell Liner Kit

back pad

because i have scolosis & the curves are at the waist, it is a little more challenge to get it in place & stay there but it does help

Works great

I got this ankle brace for my daughter a week ago for extra support while playing volleyball. She says it’s exactly what she was looking for.

purchased 2ea xxs for my older daughter shoe sze 5-6.great fit she just loves them


Breg boot

Thank you for the replacement liner for my Breg boot. I am still in the boot, a little longer than first expected, so it is nice to have a replacement one while I clean the other. My order arrived very quick and your customer service is excellent. Thank you


Works as advertised! Thx a lot.

Fairly comfortable!

For my second fusion the doctor wanted me to remain in the brace for 6 weeks. Fortunately cervical brace design improved in 11 years. This brace can be adjusted easily and is fairly comfortable though it still difficult to drink while using it.

Herniated disc collar

Great product! ...Read instructions before use. Shipping was a not as ordered r/t company that brace comes from. Amazing product though, was just what was needed!


it does everything I hoped it would

Best hand brace I have owned

I am dealing with arthritis in my hand and have purchased at least 6 other braces before this one. After 2 days of wearing this one I threw the rest in garbage. This is by far the best I have purchased. I highly recommend this brace and it arrived quick without any issues

Shoulder immobilizer

Disappointed in quality of immobilizer, customer service9 and return policy! The immobilizer was sized much smaller than advertised. When mentioning this to employee on the phone he indicated good to size up! This was not mentioned in description! Immobilizer returned, shipping paid and we will not be ordering another after being told we would be required to pay shipping again!

Brace for foot injury

Comfortable, easy to secure, good transition from air-cast boot for mid-foot fracture. I like how it is unobtrusive, snug and quick to fasten. Glad to have found this particular brace.


Just had opportunity to use today in prep for hiking- felt good but wouldn’t fit into shoe properly- will want to return one and use other around house


Working great


It helps a lot with my posture and is comfortable enough to wear all day

The best

This sleeve does not roll! It heats up the knee plus gives great support. I have one for each knee. Great when driving.

Breg dressing

Came in the nick of time and accurate.

knee brace

Nice knee brace. Unfortunately, had to be returned as it didn't meet my needs. I ordered a different brace & am awaiting its arrival. Customer service rep was outstanding! My experience with this company was exceptional. Thank you.

Good ankle support.

This is my 2nd purchase of this ankle support.
Works well!, wish the Velcro would last longer.
Great support for weak ankle and helps with the arthritis issues in ankle.

Pain Relief after Rotator Cuff Syrgery

We already had a Donjoy ice machine with the standard knee pad attachment. This is perfect for shoulder surgery. Glad we got the small, because it is huge!. Can’t believe anyone would need the large! Unless your an NFL linebacker with massive shoulders and biceps

Not recommended

A few reasons I would not recommend this shoulder immobilizer or company.
1. It’s 10 times cheaper and flimsier than the pictures makes it look.
2. It’s tiny. We ordered the correct size based on the measurement for my mom... and when it arrived, it was 4 inches short of fitting. The medium looks like it’s made for a 2 year old.
3. The humeral/arm piece is much closer to the wrist than picturesd, providing no support for the wrist.
4. I called to ask about replacing with a bigger size and this company provided no assistance... other than to pay shipping 2 more times. We would’ve been paying $30 for shipping by the time we would’ve been done. Zero customer service.

Look elsewhere....


MedSpec ASO Speed Lacer Ankle Brace


I bought 2, the first one was alway too bob, not knowing how to send it back, I order the second one, away too small, I sent one email asking instructions to send back,,, never got a answer...... please I would like to send them back. Thank you for your attention.

Lucilea, Thank you for your review. In order to exchange or return your braces you can go to and fill out our easy online form or you can always call our customer service department at (855)414-1313 from 8am-11pm CST and one of our friendly customer service agents will be happy to assist you.
Nice product

I bought this to replace the aircast brace I had that was worn through. The small strap changed since the last time I got this and it’s an improvement.