Waterproof Ankle Braces

At SportsBraces, we offer quality ankle supports for all of your favorite sports and activities, even if they take place in the water! Whether you’re an avid swimmer or you like to train in the rain, we have a waterproof ankle brace to keep you dry and safe.  

Our products are offered in a variety of waterproof materials, including lightweight, knitted fabrics and the Bio Skin Ultima 2s with microfleece lining. These materials offer form-fitting, breathable interiors, which easily wick away moisture and keep your ankles warm and dry.

The elasticity of the neoprene in each brace helps to maintain its shape and form over time, so you can continuously reap the benefits of quality compression and protection of the ankle. Wearers have a wide range of ankle supports to choose from, each with the ability to repel migration and rubbing, and which are ideal for strains, sprains, tendonitis, arthritis, and more!

Enjoy full protection for your ankle, come rain or shine!