Stirrup Ankle Braces

Those individuals seeking foot and ankle control may benefit from the use of a quality stirrup ankle brace from SportsBraces! Our wide selection of braces provides mild to moderate stabilization, while also delivering controlled movements based on the wearer’s individual needs.

Some of our most basic stirrup braces help to provide stability for sprains, strains, and weak ankles. Their design allows for unrestricted foot flexion from their bilateral hinges, which also work to prevent painful inversion and eversion.

For those individuals suffering from high ankle injuries, SportsBraces also offers options that help them to transition from an acute ankle brace to an everyday brace. A removable upright helps the wearer to transition from maximum stabilization to a lower-profile brace for everyday activities.

Common indications for the need of a stirrup ankle brace include tibia/fibula stabilization, ankle instability, sprains, and weak ankles. Our stirrup braces are designed to fit comfortably into shoes and boots, with extra space for socks, sleeves, and dressings.

Regardless of your required level of control, you’ll find a suitable ankle brace within our collection! Start browsing today!