Post-Op Shoes

For effective post-operative care, a post-op shoe or cast boot from SportsBraces might be the perfect solution for you! Our collection of post-op shoes, boots, and sandals are ideal for protecting injured areas and can also offer immobilization or mobility and proper positioning of the foot.

Many of the cast boot designs available help to protect the foot from the outdoor elements while also providing mobility of the wearer. Many of these boots are also built with non-slip protection and non-scuff rocker soles to ensure the safety of the wearer and a long-lasting product.

Those individuals experiencing pressure on their forefoot will also find post-op shoe options that are ideal for forefoot injuries and post-surgery rehabilitation. A wedged base helps to disperse forefoot pain and helps to speed up the healing process of ulcerations.  

Soft linings and breathable materials ensure that our post-op shoes are lightweight and comfortable. Enjoy full mobility and relief during your rehabilitation! Experience an effective post-op recovery with SportsBraces today!