Patella Knee Braces, Bands & Straps

Patella knee braces are ideal for those individuals who suffer from patella tracking and patella stabilization issues. Oftentimes, the kneecap or patella cannot glide properly along the femoral groove, and a dislocated patella can cause great discomfort and pain.

At SportsBraces, our patella knee braces can help to guide the kneecap and patella along their intended routes. Wearers can also benefit from a variety of functions available in our braces, including correction of mal-tracking, collateral stabilization, range of motion limitations and more.

Aside from offering relief from patella conditions, our quality knee braces also provide lightweight, breathable materials like Airtex+. These materials help with thermo-regulation, allowing the knee to stay warm and flexible without retaining heat.

Our patella knee braces are ideal for a variety of indications, including patellofemoral dysfunctions, patellar tendonitis, patella and knee instabilities and post-operative irritations. Regardless of your patella problem, SportsBraces has a solution for you!