Neoprene Free Ankle Braces

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that can be used to create well-insulated, durable sports braces. However, allergies to neoprene are becoming more prevalent, making them very uncomfortable for those wearers with reactions to the material. 

At SportsBraces, we offer a large collection of neoprene-free ankle braces to ensure that every individual receives maximum protection that is effective and reaction-free. Choose from a variety of ankle braces and ankle supports, which work to protect the area and provide mild to maximum stabilization of injuries.

Neoprene-free ankle supports are ideal for wearers suffering from instability, inflammation, ankle sprains, and swelling. These supports offer breathable, compressive fabrics that encourage warmth and circulation for improved mobility and comfort.

Other conditions that our neoprene-free braces cater to include inversion and eversion, chronic and acute ankle sprains, instabilities, heel spur syndrome, and more. Materials are lightweight and breathable, allowing for all-day comfort in both athletic and casual shoes. Get back to your normal routine with a neoprene-free ankle brace from SportsBraces!