Neck Braces, Supports & Wraps

SportsBraces has a great selection of neck braces, supports and wraps for all of your unique needs! Made by trusted names in the business including ProCare, FLA and DonJoy, our neck braces cater to a wide range of injuries and ailments for a speedy recovery.

Those who are suffering from severe ailments such as post-op rehabilitation, head or jaw injuries may require increased protection and immobilization, which can be found in our rigid braces and collars. For mild injuries, such as sprains, swelling and bruising, our hot/cold therapy wraps and compresses can help to provide some relief.

Individuals who are seeking out a high level of immobilization for more than just the neck might consider a neck/back brace, which can offer control of all cervical levels. The Optec CTO neck/back brace encapsulates the cranium region, while immobilizing flexion, extension, rotation and lateral bending.

With one of the quality neck braces from SportsBraces, individuals can enjoy improved neck/back function, decreased pain and improved quality of life.

Find your neck brace today!