Magnetic Wrist Wraps & Braces

When it comes to injury prevention or injury recovery, many people seek treatment options that are non-invasive. To accommodate these preferences, SportsBraces is pleased to offer magnetic wrist braces, which provide surface-only treatment using century-old techniques.

Magnetic therapy has been used for hundreds of years, applying magnetic pulls to increase blood flow to a specific area. Injuries can benefit from the therapy, since increased blood flow also helps to improve the oxygen and nutrients in the area, while also removing harmful toxins.

Our magnetic wrist braces work to improve circulation and functioning, while also providing a high level of comfort. The simple designs of our collection make it easy to apply the Velcro straps, and adjustability ensures the perfect fit.

Choose from magnetic wrist straps and wraps from trusted brand names including BMMI. At SportsBraces, you’re sure to find the treatment approach that suits you best. Browse our collection today!